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3 Reasons Why Cigweld is a Wise Brand to Choose When Buying a TIG Welder

12 Aug , 2016  

Cigweld has been a manufacturer of high-quality welders and other welding equipment for several decades in Australia. Many professional welders swear by this ubiquitous brand and with good reason. Cigweld welders, or just Cig welders as they are commonly referred to, are robust, durable, and perform par excellence.


This blog will not take a detailed look at which TIG welder is right for your project. Refer to other articles within our TIG welder section for this advice. This Blog is aimed at helping you understand some of the advantages of going for an elite level brand like CIgweld.


TIG welding requires finesse from the user as well as their equipment. Skills are up to each individual to master, but Cigweld takes care of the quality of the welder and associated accessories. Cigweld make a range of TIG welders and have solutions for everyone from the hobby welder through to the professional aluminium fabricator. There are several ways in which Cig welders help you master your craft. Here are 3 simple but effective ways in which Cig Welders help you gain an advantage over your competitors.


  • Technology, Research and Development: Cigweld has been at the forefront of welding technology for several decades. Their breakthrough innovations have not just pushed the limits of welder performance. Cigweld is equally committed to operator and job safety. When you use a Cig welder, you can rest assured that you have the power of decades of research behind your work. You gain the advantage of superior components and electronic control systems that put unparalleled control in your hands. Cig TIG welders are also portable, making them ideal for site work.


  • Pricing and Range: Cigweld is a premium level brand and you can not expect to buy a professional level AC DC Cigweld machine at the same price point as cheap brands such as Rossi and Weldsmart. That said, Cig prices on TIG welders are very competitive and represent excellent value. You can gain the advantage of superior quality and safety without breaking the bank, but remember, you do get what you pay for.


  • Support: Cigweld has a large and well-connected service and support network. They also provide technical assistance to their customers. Should your Cig Welder ever malfunction, you can be assured of quick and prompt service. This will minimise downtime and allow you to get back to work quickly avoid delays in your schedule. Cigweld’s delivery and service network is on par with the best in any industry. It is encouraging to have the reassurance of such a strong brand behind your work.

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