Welding Helmets and Safety

5 Easy Steps for Finding Professional Welding Helmets in Sydney

12 May , 2016  

While doing his job every welder needs to protect his eyes. It is a simple fact that is not always addressed adequately. If you invest in a good welding helmet, you will not only protect your eyes but also be able to work with comfort while increasing your productivity and efficiency. Selecting a helmet can be troubling if you are new to the profession or a hobbyist welder. Traditional helmets were good enough to provide protection for most standard jobs but they were not comfortable and there was no technology embedded in their design. Newer technological advancements have blessed welders with auto darkening helmets.

Before buying a professional welding helmet you should consider these things:

• Helmet Quality: When buying professional welding helmets, you should always look for quality so that you will receive maximum protection. Welding is a serious business and there is no room for errors. Standard helmets come with only a front visor and face protection. They are cheap but in some conditions they can be dangerous. For instance, if a user is working in an overhead position, he is in danger of damage caused by falling sparks and spills. A high- quality standard helmet must have a leather covering for the head to provide increased protection.

• Functioning and Comfort: The face opening that a standard helmet should be well placed. The pivot that holds the joint should be strong enough to bear the weight of the face mask and any attached electronics. If weak, the joints can fall or easily loosen up causing an accident. Your welding helmet should be comfortable enough to let you work effectively. It should have proper ventilation and padding for comfort.

• Protective Features: With the evolution of technology, auto darkening helmets have come to rule the market. These helmets are loaded with features that provide safety and functionality. They have an electronic lens instead of a plastic or glass visor that darkens automatically when exposed to the bright light from a welding arc. These helmets can be battery operated, run on solar power, or a combination of both. You can also adjust the darkening levels as needed. These helmets provide excellent comfort and protection.

• Style Element: After ensuring your safety and comfort you can infuse a hint of style in your helmet. Many brands offer helmets with unique designs and themes carrying attractive graphics. Though not practically useful, it does add a unique flavour to your professional gear.

Price: Professional helmets come with all the benefits of technology but they do cost more. Instead of buying a cheap helmet, try investing more money in a good helmet for best results. It will protect you in many ways and also last longer than cheaper ones. For a slightly larger investment, you can buy a helmet which is Australias Standards approved from eWelders, which sells leading brand helmets. When it comes to your eyes, we think an investment of $50-odd extra dollars is worth it.

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