MIG and TIG Welding

A Look at the Types and Features of MIG Welders, TIG Welders and MMA Welders

9 Nov , 2016  

Welding is used in various types of metal joining applications. The type of applied welding depends on the nature of metal, strength of the weld and type of the weld. 

Here is a quick look at MIG, TIG and MMA welders:

MIG Welders: Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding, often called as GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding), is a high deposition rate welding process.

Types of MIG welders include:

  • Single Phase MIG Welders: These are portable machines that are usually less than 50 kg in weight
  • MIG Three-Phase: These welders are step-controlled three-phase 415v machines
  • Inverter MIG Welders: These have built-in inverters, making them ideal for erratic power supply areas
  • MIG Digital: Provide precise control of weld settings, thereby minimising the error margins and improving weld quality
  • TIG Welders: Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding is often referred as Gas Tungsten Arc welding and is known for producing high-quality welds.

Types of TIG welders include:

  • DC TIG-Arc Welders: These are great for all welding except aluminium welding. They usually have built-in inverters and also have Manual Metal Arc (MMA) capability
  • AC-DC TIG Welders: These can weld both AC and DC power and are useful for any aluminium welding
  • High Function TIG Welders: These are high-performance machines with pre-gas and instant arc ignition capabilities
  • MMA Welders: Manual Metal Arc (MMA) welding is also known as Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) or more commonly as stick welding. It is the oldest welding process around and also the cheapest one as it does not require the use of sophisticated equipment.

Types of MMA welders include:

  • Manual Arc Welders: These are the basic fan-cooled MMA welders and usually come in portable options with adjustable welding current
  • Inverter Arc Welders: These are similar to the standard models except that they have built-in inverters that make them great for erratic power supply

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