Disposable Welding Gas

Buying the Best Disposable Gas Cylinders in Australia

12 May , 2016  

Welding gasses are essential for most types of TIG and MIG welding projects. One can get by without gases when welding some ferrous metals of standard thickness, but the quality of the weld is still lower than what you would get when using an appropriate shielding gas.

The question which troubles welders across Australia is whether to rent an industrial welding gas cylinder or buy disposable gas cylinders. Gas suppliers have helped welders by renting out industrial cylinders, but they also charge hundreds of dollars for an annual contract. Now professional and amateur welders are realising that renting gas cylinders is not their only option. It does not matter whether you are welding with pure Argon, pure CO2, or a combination of the two – a personal cylinder is always better whether it is a small disposable cylinder or a large refillable one.

Here are some reasons why you should buy disposable gas cylinders:

• Lower Costs: Renting argon or CO2 gas cylinders every time you weld will cost you a fair bit of money. Moreover, you can use it for as long as you want. You will also be free from any deposit or security money, rentals, and gas contracts. With a little effort, you can easily calculate the difference in the expenditure. Unless you use large amounts of gas, buying disposable cylinders means that you are only paying for what you are using. A 2.2L gas cylinder has enough gas to last for several hours of welding, if used properly. For hobbyists and amateur welders, this may be enough to last six months or more.

• Convenience: If you have your own gas cylinders you are always ready for the job. You do not have to rush for the gas at the eleventh hour. This can be quite a hassle for farm owners in remote locations or near small towns. Disposable cylinders can be used with your home TIG and WIG welding setups the same way you would use larger cylinders. You can use them for an extended period of time. When the work is done, you can just put them away.

• Portability: Small disposable gas cylinders are handy and portable. You can carry them anywhere you want. This is useful for welders who need to travel for their jobs. If you have a portable welder and other necessary gear, you can even run an on-the-spot welding service. After your work is done you can easily carry and store them without taking up too much space.

• Accessibility: Disposable gas bottles can be bought online and delivered to your doorstep. You do not have to worry about waiting to get your industrial cylinders picked up and refilled. You also have access to every type of welding gas including cylinders for oxyacetylene and other gas welding setups. Disposable cooling gas cylinders are also available online.

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