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The Impact of Single Phase Welders in Industry

1 Dec , 2015  

Quite a number of different tasks need to be carried out effectively and efficiently for the smooth functioning of an industrial unit. One such task, which plays an important role in many industries around the world, is cutting and welding of metals. The importance if this job is one of the main reasons why most companies are always on the lookout for best quality welding machines for their work.

Given the need for compact and portable machines, single phase welders have become popular in the industrial sector. Single phase welders are more suited for light to medium welding uses and are far better at these tasks than a three phase heavy welder. The single phase welders have had a very positive impact on various industries due to their many advantages.

  1. Latest Technology: A single phase welders are made keeping in mind the need of modern industries. They are useful for a number of applications even in large-scale heavy industries. They can also meet all the welding needs of small and medium manufacturing units.
  2. Lightweight and Portable: Most modern industries these days lack floor space. As such, machines that do not take up too much space and can be moved easily from one place to another are viewed favourably and preferred over larger stationary machines. Single phase welders meet both these requirements, making them a popular choice.
  3. Efficient: These welders are very efficient despite being lightweight and compact. They perform quite well and help in quickly and effectively completing jobs on hand. Moreover, they consume far lower power than comparable three-phase welders.
  4. Easy to Operate: Unlike traditional welding machines that can be quite cumbersome to work with, single phase welders are quite easy to handle and operate. They are also easier to maintain

The single phase welders can also be used for cutting metals like aluminium, steel, etc. which is seen as an added advantage for industrial use. Over the years, these positive aspects of single phase welders have made them a popular choice among both industry owners and workers.

Welding Workshops

Converting your shed into a welding workshop

16 Nov , 2015  

MANY a welding workshop has been established in the Aussie backyard shed.

After all, the shed is often a man’s own private space and it can provide the ideal atmosphere for a day’s welding.

But there are a few dos and don’t when it comes to setting up your shed as a welding workspace so bare these things in mind before you start your project.

• Make sure your shed floor is flat and stable. This does not necessarily mean your need a cement or concrete floor, although this is ideal. Some of the best welding workshops are established on dirt shed floors but the the surface must be as a flat and stable as possible. The environment must also be dry. Welding and water do not mix!

• Ensure that your shed has an adequate electricity supply. The average welding machine has a 240 volt output and many welding machines require a 15amp power supply. It’s worth baring this in mind when you set up your shed because the average Australian power point in only 10amps, so you may need to get an electrician to increase the power supply.

• Ensure you have adequate ventilation. If you are in a fully enclosed shed, you will need to invest in an a exhaust system but if you are in a shed environment where the doors can be kept open and there is good natural ventilation an exhaust fan will do the trick.

• Sparks often fly around when you weld so make absolutely sure your shed is cleared of any flammable materials. That means no paper, wood, books, and, obviously no petrol cans. Take a good look around your shed and identify any potential fire hazards. As a precaution you should always have a fire extinguisher on hand in your shed because you can never be too careful.

• Make sure you have good lighting. If you’re shed doesn’t have an overhead light you should consider investing in one. It is important to be able to see what you’re doing when your weld.

• If you are welding with gas, make sure your bottles are securely fastened to the shed wall. And, before you start welding, test your gas bottle gauges for leaks. Also test your hoses for cracks

• Make sure that you store your welding machine in a clean and dry position in your shed. Dust and water could prematurely damage the machine. Also, keep the welder unplugged when not in use.

• Finally, invest in a steel welding table. This is a necessity for any welder’s working shed, since welding on a wooden surface is a massive fire hazard.

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Good luck and happy welding