Disposable Welding Gas

Disposable Gas Bottles and their Immense Benefits

9 Nov , 2016  

Use of inert and other active gases is common in various types of welding processes and welders are often confused about whether to buy a disposable gas cylinder or to hire a big cylinder from the supplier. There are so any reasons that will encourage a welder to buy a disposable gas cylinder instead of hiring a big one. Disposable gas cylinders or bottles are highly useful for DIY stuff and not so often uses. Welders who do not take welding jobs on the everyday basis should prefer disposable gas bottles as they come with so many advantages.

Professionals and hobby welders are realizing that hiring gas cylinders from suppliers is not their only option as they can also buy disposable gas bottles anytime they want, depending on the purpose.  Some benefits of disposable gas bottles are explained here.

  • Gas cylinder suppliers charge hundreds of dollars annually for gas cylinders. Paying for something that you use occasionally is simply not worth it. You can buy a cheap gas bottle of your own and use it whenever you want.
  • With your own gas bottles, you will be saved from deposits, ongoing rentals, and gas contracts. With a disposable gas bottle, you are only paying for what you are going to use. There is no need to pay for the something that will remain unused at the end.
  • Using gas bottles always makes you ready to do the job. They can be carried everywhere as they are light and portable. This also makes them easy to store, and you do not have to clear out the floor space as you would with an industrial cylinder.
  • Gas bottles are also suitable for most of the TIG and MIG welding purposes and a bottle of 2.2l gas is just fine for one-time use.

A standard gas bottle costs around $69 and has a capacity of 2.2l and it is enough for several hours of welding. For some welders, this amount is enough even for six months. It clearly shows that there is no need of hiring gas cylinders.


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