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5 Apr , 2014  

Hi there,
Welcome to the blog site for eWelders.com.au – Australia’s first 100 percent online welding specialty store.
Today is a landmark day for me and the team at eWelders – a few hours ago we went live.
It marks the realisation of a vision that that was born more than a year ago now and I thought it was only fitting, and appropriate, that this opening blog told you about our website.
But before I tell you about the site, I want to tell you why we’ve started a dedicated Australian online welding shop.
The reason is simple - Australian men love to weld and they love to shop online.
Whether it be for home renovations, car modifications, general repairs, manufacturing, or a hobby - Australians are welding more than ever before.
Australians are also the biggest online shoppers in the world per capita.
With those two points in mind, It makes sense that Australians are spending more money on welding products and supplies online than ever before.
We have started eWelders.com.au because we believe the growing Australian e-commerce welding community deserves convenient, enjoyable, secure and specialised online experience.
Online welding customers have a different set of expectations and needs to those who prefer to shop offline and we have tailored a site to meet their expectations.
We have put together a welding super store with more than 400 welding products to cover all of your welding needs, from leading manufacturers like Cigweld, Uni-Mig and Ross Welders.
We sell a full range MIG, TIG, Arc, Multi Purpose, Spot and Gas welding machines to suit anyone the beginner home handy-man through to professional and industry level welders.
We also sell plasma cutterssafety equipment, accessories and consumables, so that you can find anything you’re looking for.
Because we’re 100  per cent online, our overheads our low meaning that you will enjoy discount rates, but we can assure youcheap prices doesn’t mean poor quality. We only deal with established and reputable market leading brands who offer strong warranty conditions and the backing of nationa-wide service agencies.
Cheap prices doesn’t mean poor customer service either.
We offer five-day-a-week free phone support via our 1300 554 685 number and are committed to offering a traditional offline level of advice should you require it. Call us for anything you need, no matter how trivial it might be.
Because we are online specialists we also recognise our customers may want resources. Our site offers you a Learning Centre featuring helpful articles, blogs, videos and more to help you through the buying process. Our customers can also join our Facebook and Twitter communities to exchange ideas.
Finally, we deliver Australia-wide. We don’t care which corner of this massive country you live in, we are committed to being able to deliver any of our products to you. That is what being an online specialist welding company is all about, so we’ve made sure we’re experts in cheap and reliable freight, and we deliver for free on some items.
In my next blog, I’m going to talk about the importance of preparation before you weld.
See you then

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