Plasma Cutters

Important Uses of a Plasma Cutter – A Brief Glimpse

9 Nov , 2016  

Plasma cutters are used for precision cutting of metals. These cutters use electricity to operate, with the voltage needs varying according to the thickness of the metal they are required to cut. They can cut anything from a sheet metal to materials with a thickness of ¼ inches. 

Plasma cutters involve the passage of the electric current through a high-speed stream of inert gas, which is usually compressed air. The arc ionises the gas molecules, turning a portion into plasma that becomes hot enough to cut the metal. The cutters can make precise cuts in all types of metals with the help of fine outlines drawn on the surface. Plasma cutters leave almost no debris and make less noise. They also do not generate excessive heat.

The cutters usually come in two options: single phase and three phase. The single phase options are small and quite portable and usually range from 32A to 60A. The larger three phase cutters are primarily meant for industrial uses. People are recommended to wear protective glasses to avoid contact with electrical sparks and UV rays generated from the arc when they are using such equipment.

Here is a brief look at the important uses and applications of plasma cutters:


Thefine arc of a plasma cutter is used to cut the broken and jagged edges of welded metal. The refining process becomes easier with plasma cutters than other torch type cutters. It is used in car repairs and for muffler repairing, among others. Farmers also use it for repairing tractors, trucks, harvesters and other farming equipment. 

Demolition and Recycling:

A plasma cutter is useful for quick cutting of metal and removing metal sheets, blocks and pipes during building renovation or demolition. It gives a clean finish and creates less noise than other equipment such as saws that can make a lot of noise and leave debris behind. Scrap metal and recycling businesses also use plasma cutters for these advantages. 

Other Uses:

Car and motorcycle builders use plasma cutters for making elaborate enhancements to their vehicles. People who are skilled in home repairing use plasma cutters for their lawnmowers, gutters, chain-link fences and barbeques. They can also be used by artists to design stencils and templates for creative applications.


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