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Purchasing the Best MIG Welder in Brisbane Online

12 Aug , 2016  

Upgrading to MIG welding setup will allow professional welders to expand their services as well as offer high-quality results to their customers. MIG welding has a wide number of uses, often only limited by creativity. MIG welders also have high duty cycles and in conjunction with high deposition rates, they allow a user to work efficiently and fast. There is also little need for post weld cleaning and almost none for post weld brushing or grinding. This translates to higher productivity and higher return on investment. They are equally good in a permanent workshop as they are in a portable setup that is commonly seen in industries like agriculture, mining, etc.


For hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts, a MIG welder opens up a world of possibilities. New projects can be attempted with lower risk to health and safety. It also allows for fine work that would not ordinarily be possible with just a stick welder.


Australia has some of the best manufacturers of welders in the world, and a number of reputed international brands are also available in cities like Brisbane. The best place to gain access to such a large inventory is through online welding suppliers and sellers. Here are some ways in which you can find the best MIG welder online from Brisbane.


eWelders recommends UniMig as a premium brand of MIG welders for shoppers in Brisbane. UniMig has a warehouse located in Brisbane at Archerfield and we can arrange pick-up of your goods from here. This is not a showroom and pick-ups must be pre-arranged and good paid for prior to purchase. The fact UniMIg has a warehouse and service centre in Brisbane means you will be looked after promptly if you require aftersales service.


UniMig is a premium brand and they offer three year warranties on most of their inverter MIG welders and two years on their transformers. These warranties can be extended by six months if you register your machine online. UniMig parts and accessories are easy to find in Brisbane and eWelders can supply the for you. UniMig has been in business for more than 30 years in Australia and still carries parts for machines that they stopped making more than a decade ago. They are a family owned company committed to good service and have services there Brisbane and Queensland region of more than there decades.

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