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Safety Measures While Buying Welding Jackets in Australia

19 Apr , 2016  

Welding comes with a lot of safety rules and regulations that you must follow so that you can do your job without any accidents. Welding involves high temperatures, so the first things you have to look out for are the burns from the heated metals or the torch. Protective gear is a must for a safe work environment.

One of the most common things that are used to ensure that you don’t hurt yourself is the welding jacket or aprons. If you are planning to pick one up, take note of the safety regulations beforehand so you can make the correct choice.

Pockets: When you are doing something as intricate as welding, you cannot afford to waste time hunting for your tools, or you might mess up the job. This is why most welding jackets and aprons come with multiple pockets to store your tools and make your life easier.

Protection from Heat: Working with temperatures that can melt and fuse metal is clearly a dangerous job, so you have to be prepared to protect yourself from the heat emanated. Sunburn is the most common complaint from working close quarters with high temperatures. Since different types of welding procedures have different heat ratings, you need to be sure about the one you will be working with and buy the welding jacket accordingly.

Type of Welding: From your preferred welding method to the metals you work with, different kinds of welding have different needs. These extend to safety gear and equipment. Consider the rating of the welding jacket to protect yourself from not just the heat, but also sparks or spills. Protection from toxins may also be required.

Ideal welding jackets are made from fire retardant cotton. The natural fibres do not catch fire easily. It is made of several layers but is extremely lightweight. Freedom of movement is an important consideration when choosing a welding jacket. It allows you to manoeuvre easily, and it contributes to safe handling of tools and equipment.

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