Disposable Welding Gas

Disposable Gas Bottles and their Immense Benefits

9 Nov , 2016  

Use of inert and other active gases is common in various types of welding processes and welders are often confused about whether to buy a disposable gas cylinder or to hire a big cylinder from the supplier. There are so any reasons that will encourage a welder to buy a disposable gas cylinder instead of hiring a big one. Disposable gas cylinders or bottles are highly useful for DIY stuff and not so often uses. Welders who do not take welding jobs on the everyday basis should prefer disposable gas bottles as they come with so many advantages. More…

Disposable Welding Gas

Applications of Disposable Gas Bottles in Australia

19 Apr , 2016  

One of the most valuable resources that you must have in hand while welding is the shielding gas. Shielding gas cylinders are imperative to ensure that the welding you complete is smooth without any corrosion occurs due to oxidation. Shielding gas cylinders can be bought or hired. Industrial cylinders are expensive and often involve rental charges, usually on a subscription plan. Amateur welders usually use disposable bottles, which is more convenient for them. However, even professionals can find uses for disposable gas bottles. They are increasingly becoming more commonplace. They offer the advantages of being able to save or rental costs or delayed deliveries. They also offer portability which can be useful for welding jobs outside a workshop, such as in a construction site. More…