Disposable Welding Gas

Welding Gas: Hire or Buy Disposable Welding Gas Bottles?

4 Jan , 2016  

Need a welding shielding gas for your MIG or TIG welder?

The question plaguing welders across Australia is whether it’s better to hire a welding gas cylinder or buy a disposable welding gas cylinder.

Here we reveal three reasons why buying your own is the smart choice, especially for the hobbyist, and DIY welder who will not be welding on a daily basis. Gas suppliers have been holding welders ransom for years, tying them into a hire system that makes them pay hundreds of dollars a year for a welding gas bottle they don’t even own. Let’s face it, if you’re only using your welder every now and again, the gas bottle rental system is pretty tough on the wallet.

However, professionals and hobby welders alike are now realising that this is not their only option. In fact, there are some real benefits to be had if you buy your own welding gas cylinders – whether you choose a smaller disposable cylinder or a large refillable cylinder. Whether you’re looking to weld with a CO2-Argon blend, Pure argon shielding gas, or pure CO2, Disposable welding gas bottles are becoming the go-to option.

Here’s why:


Renting argon gas and cylinders every time you need to weld will quickly add up. But buying your own cylinders gives you more bang for your buck. Plus there’s no need for deposits, ongoing rental charges and gas contracts. If you don’t need a large volume of gas, buying your own cylinder means you can simply pay for the welding gas you use, when you use it. To illustrate the point, a 2.2L disposable Gas bottle like this one by Bossgas will set you back $69.00+freight. You can also purchase the suited regulators for about $30, which a one-off purchase. Depending on your project there is enough gas in one of these bottles for several hours of welding. For some welders that’s could be enough for six months, or even one year’s worth of welding. Why would you hire a refillable bottle if this was the case?











Welders now have the choice of purchasing Disposable Welding Gas Bottles like these from BossGas

More Convenient

With your own disposable welding gas bottles, you always have the tools ready to do the job. They are suitable for most home TIG and MIG welding machines, when you don’t need a large volume of gas handy all the time. Once you’re done, you simply put it away until the next time. Easy.

More Portable

If you are only using your welder occasionally or are using it outdoors, smaller disposable welding gas bottles are small and lightweight. You can easily move them around and stow them away neatly when the job’s done.








HEAVY IN TWO WAYS: Reillable hired gas cylinders are not only heavy on the wallet, they can be heavy and inconvenient to move around

Which gas?

Before you go out and buy your own welding gas, you need to work out which gas is best for your job. For most shielding gas applications, argon is the principal gas used thanks to its high density and total inertness. This allows a welding arc to be easily formed without reacting with the metal components being welded. Depending on the application, argon may be mixed with other gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) in small amounts. This gives different qualities to the gas to suit the welding job at hand. We always recommend you speak to a professional and do your research to work out exactly which gas you need before you buy. at eWelders we sell Argon Disposable Welding Gas Bottles, Argon-CO2 Disposable Welding Gas BOttles, and CO2 Disposable Welding Gas bottles. We are here to talk to you should you require advice on which gas best suits your application. Owning your own welding gas cylinder makes sense – both in terms of dollars and time saved. What are you waiting for? For more information on welding gas and welding supplies, check out our learning centre at eWelders.com.au or call 1300 554 685

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