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Welder Safety Equipment – Got Long-Sleeved Welding Gloves?

19 Apr , 2016  

Safety is the first priority of any welding enterprise, whether it is an amateur’s garage or an aerospace hanger. Out of the various safety gear and equipment, welding gloves have perhaps received the least attention from advancing technology. Thankfully, this issue is being slowly addressed.

One of the biggest complaints, and one often overlooked, is the scarcity of well-designed long-sleeved welding gloves. Most of these gloves are merely thick cumbersome gloves with loose sleeves that cause more hindrance than offer protection. A good, high-quality long sleeved glove will have certain characteristics that set them apart. You are unlikely to find them on every glove, but the more of the following features they have, the better it is for you.

Extra Long Sleeves: Sleeves that extend up the entire length of the forearm are the best bet to protect it from spills and sparks. These gloves also need to have an angled mouth so that the elbow is protected without hindering its movement. This means that the sleeves are longer on the outside than the inside. This is, however, and extremely rare feature. If you cannot find gloves with extra-long sleeves that meet other requirements, consider buying a welding sleeve separately.

Form Fitting Sleeves: When welding, few things can be more distracting than a loose sleeve hanging from your forearm. Worse, it can interfere with the weld and even allow sparks and spills to get in through the gap. Sleeves that fit perfectly are a great asset.

Double Insulation: Simple heat insulation can make a pair of gloves extremely uncomfortable to wear. They can heat up and cause unavoidable sweating. Hot and sweaty palms affect work productivity or may even result in accidents. Double insulation of the palms and backs allows the hands to stay cool and comfortable.

Flexible: While all gloves must have some amount of flexibility, it is most crucial for TIG welding. The sleeves can be harder, but the fingers and palm need to be pliable for dexterity, particularly for jobs that require finesse.

Comfort and protection are taken for granted with welding gloves, but it is important to pay some attention to these factors as well.

The best place to acquire a pair of long-sleeved welding gloves is an online welding supplier retailer or merchant. You will get access to a lot of variety, designs, materials, and sizes. Once you find a pair you like, you can have it delivered to your doorstep.

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